Mildura Livestock Sales Goat Dog Trial

Sunday 29 August – START: 8.30am Judges Talk

Dogs are required to collect three billy goats that are dropped in the middle of the paddock and bring them toward the handler in between a marked corridor towards the casting peg. The handler will be required to work from the marked positions and bring the goats around the casting peg and then continue through the corridor to pen the goats in a small pen.

N.B. Course obstacles and directions will be at the judge’s discretion on the day.

This is for an example ONLY!!

The trial has been set up and will be run in ONE DAY so to that end we have limited the entries to a total of 20 dogs. Additionally we have opted to restrict the number of nominations per handler to one (1) dog only. We request that should you want to, please nominate 2 dogs but only send entry fee money for 1 dog. If we do not get 20 nominations we will contact those handlers who have nominated a second dog and draw the 2nd round of nominations from a hat. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Thel O’Shea to discuss.


Please send nominations and enquiries to:

Thel O’Shea
PO Box 78, Wentworth, NSW, 2648
Ph: 0419 984 083